Blue Floral Dress

I’ve been all about florals lately. I’ve always been a floral lover but spring always has me craving (and buying) all the floral prints! I love this blue one that I bought for Joseph’s Christening. It looks great with a blazer but I’m really excited to be able to wear it without one. The sleeves are just adorable!
I’m sure you’ve noticed but I’ve been letting my hair air dry lately and I’m really liking the texture. I do miss my loose curls but there just isn’t enough time in the day for curling my hair anymore. So, I’m telling myself that it looks like mermaid hair! I really need to get a trim, though… I’ll just add it to the list.
You also may have noticed, if you’re following along on Instagram, that we have been redecorating our house. It started with nesting while I was pregnant with Joseph (poor Joe had to repaint the whole downstairs before the baby came, on top of redoing the guest room for Amelia) but it hasn’t stopped! I’m working with a tight budget so I’m refinishing a lot of what we already have! It’s been fun but so time consuming! Let me know if any of you would like to see me post about anything in particular- I’m hoping to do posts on each room but I have yet to get the nursery and Amelia’s room reveal up so hopefully in the next few weeks!
dress: Tularosa via Shopbop, blazer: J.Crew (old), shoes: M. Gemi, sunglasses: Illesteva

Happy Wednesday! I hope you all are having a great week! Ours has been crazy, as usual. Last week Joe had a work conference and two dinners and I feel like we didn’t get enough down time before the crazy started all over again on Monday. Amelia started speech this week, too. So yesterday I had both kids out of the house by 8 am. Kind of hectic but I did get to drive through Starbucks on the way home so that was nice 😉

Also, if you could say some prayers for my Mom Mom, I’d really appreciate it! She had a stroke last week and is still in the hospital. She’s in Florida and I haven’t been able to get to see her so it’s been tough.

Thanks so much!


Casual Peplum

This peplum tee is one of my recent favorites and it’s on sale! Peplum is one of those silhouettes that just seems to be flattering on every body type. While I so love my loose fitting clothes, I also love anything that makes me feel like I have a waist (especially with being pregnant twice in the last 3 years- I’m so happy to have a waist again!) and the fact that this is a mix of the two is a win-win in my book! I also love that it’s casual (so I don’t have to wait for the “right” occasion to wear it) and machine washable (so I don’t have to worry about wearing it around my kids)!
tee: Free People (on sale), jeans: Paige Denim, booties: Sam Edelman (similar here; also love these for spring)

Happy Thursday! I can’t believe tomorrow is Friday already, and thank God! It’s been the longest, but somehow also the fastest, week over here. Joe has had 2 work dinners and had to work late on the in between so I haven’t had much time to work on the blog (or anything else for that matter). I’m hoping to get back to 2-3 times a week next week but we’ll see. I’ve been redecorating our house a bit and have been trying to reuse a lot of what we already have, which also means a lot of rehab projects so that’s taking up a lot of time, too. I really enjoy it, though! Follow along on Instagram for updates! I’m hoping to write a blog post detailing our redecorating process, too! Thanks for reading and sticking with me through this crazy adventure called parenting!


Winter to Spring

If you’re like me (and let’s be honest, like the rest of the world), you’re over winter and ready for spring, even if the weather is not. So while you may not want to be buying any more winter clothes, now is a really great time to snag sale items that you can still wear now, because the forecast here includes snow in the next week, but also save for next fall! Also, there’s a lot of really great transitional pieces that you can wear through spring by pairing them with lighter weight pieces. For example, instead of adding a puffer vest, try adding a cotton anaorak!
vest: Old Navy, shirt: J.Crew, jeans: Paige Denim (these are on sale!), turtleneck: J.Crew (I also really love Everlane for their basics and layering pieces!), sneakers: Converse

I can’t believe it’s already Thursday! I hope you’re having a great week! It’s been a little crazy over here but we’re finally starting to wind down. I feel like we haven’t stopped running since we had Joseph, maybe even Thanksgiving- the holidays were right after his birth, then Amelia’s 2nd birthday, then my youngest sister had knee surgery, then Joseph’s Christening, and my sister’s baby shower was just this past Sunday… and I’ve been at CHOP 4 times in the past 2 weeks! Needless to say I’m really looking forward to this weekend!

Below I listed some of my favorite sale pieces to wear right now and into spring!


Amelia Rose: 2 Year Update

Where has the time gone? How do I have a 2 year old girl and where is my tiny 5 pound NICU baby? Amelia, you have overcome so, so much in your short life already and I don’t know if I can put into words how proud I am to be your mama. Though it makes me sad to think about how much more you have yet to overcome ahead of you, I know that with your determined and feisty spirit you’ll be just fine.
We recently saw your whole Craniofacial team at CHOP and you did exceedingly well! Your plastic surgeon was very happy with you, you passed Opthamology, Genetics and Orthodontics, we already knew your ENT/Audiology issues (you just had another tube put in back in January & he’s still not sure that you have an ear drum on the right) but you did pretty well there, too, and we got referred to Orthopedics. So, your list grows and now we see Plastics (1), Pulmonology & Sleep (2), ENT (3), Audiology (4), Cardiology (5), Speech (6), Orthopedics (7), plus Early Intervention (speech/teacher of the deaf), your regular pediatrician visits, and we’re starting with a pediatric dentist soon. Phew! You certainly are keeping us busy!
You started sleeping in a big girl bed this month and you love it! At night, you say “night night” to whoever is not putting you to bed and Henry (your rocking horse) and usually Elsa and Anna (you LOVE Frozen) and tell us that you’re going to Mia’s bed in Mia’s room. You’re adjusting really well to being a big sister and you always want to “help mama” or “help dada” (usually you want to help Dad when he’s using his tools!). You love to dance- anytime a song comes on you look at me and say “des” and I say, “ok!” and you get up and dance around the room and my heart melts a little every time. You also really like to sing- “Let it Go,” “Hallelujah,” and the Lollipop song are some of your favorites and also Winnie the Pooh recently. You love to read which makes my literature-loving heart so happy and though we always read your children’s books, we have also read Alice in Wonderland, Heidi, and Anne of Green Gables. You also really like to brush your teeth, get baths, and play outside (“gardening” is your favorite!).
You are growing into a gorgeous girl, my Mil, inside and out. I’m envious of your beautiful blonde hair and blue eyes and I cherish every hug, kiss, and cuddle I get from you. You are very independent, strong willed, determined, sweet, loving, smart (you are so smart!), and somewhat quick tempered (I fear you have my temper though I hoped you’d have your Dad’s), and you have a way of making people fall in love with you. We love you so much, Amelia Rose… to the moon and more than words. You made me a mama and for that I will be forever grateful.
18 month update, 12 month update, First Birthday


Best of the Shopbop Sale

Best of Shopbop Sale 2017
top, wedges, jeans, sunglasses, bag, dress, slides, romper, tote

The Shopbop sale is going on right now and the more you spend, the more you save! While I typically only invest in or splurge on a select few designer pieces a year, now is the time to do it if you’ve been thinking about a particular designer item for a while! Items that I splurge on are usually pieces that I know will last and won’t go out of style like a good pair of shoes (flats, sandals, or boots/booties), a nice tote or crossbody, and jeans. I also like to buy a good pair of sunglasses every couple of years or a dress out of which I know I’ll be able to get multiple wears. These items are ones that I’m seriously considering right now!

I hope you all are having a great week! It’s been crazy over here- if you’re following along on Instagram, you know that I’ve already been to CHOP twice for one doctor appointment because I got my days mixed up and I’ll be back there again tomorrow for another follow up for Amelia. I definitely feel like this is one of those weeks where I can’t seem to get my act together! Also, I’ve been thinking about planning a vacation somewhere warm soon- any suggestions on where to go with two young kids? Happy Thursday and thanks for stopping by!


February Wish List

February Wish List 2017
ruffle tee, dress, sandals, mules, tote, cardigan, tee, sunglasses, drop waist dress

Lately I’ve been craving shades of blues and pinks, anything floral, and neutrals. Shades of green are also on my radar but that’s pretty typical for me. I’m really looking forward to spring, like everyone else, and these colors make it feel just a little bit closer. I’m also thinking about transitioning my wardrobe so anything that I’m buying now (unless it’s on major sale) is something that I can wear both now and into the spring.
What have you been eyeing for spring?


Joseph James: 2 Month Update

Joseph James, somehow it has only been 2 months since you were born yet it feels like you’ve been here forever. At your 2 month well visit you were 11 pounds 6 ounces and 22 inches long. I can’t believe how fast you are growing! You LOVE to eat and are eating 4 1/2 ounces every 3 hours during the day and going from 5-6 hours at night! You were Christened this past Sunday (February 19, 2017) and were so good. We think you’re the most handsome thing we’ve ever seen! You are the sweetest baby, you love to give us big smiles and are cooing all the time. You love when we talk to you and Amelia is usually the first to indulge and gives you lots of kisses! You don’t love tummy time but don’t hate it either, same with baths, but you love the swing. You really are such an easy going baby and its lucky because your sister is pretty demanding 😉 We love you so, so much baby boy. Though I don’t want you to grow up any time soon, I feel lucky to be the one who guides you on your way. I hope you’re always a mama’s boy!
1 month, birth story


Olive for Now & Later

So I know I’ve told you guys how I’ve seriously jumped on the athleisure bandwagon lately but I’m close to being obsessive about it. Over the past couple of months I’ve hardly looked at anything other than clothes that fit into this category. Don’t get me wrong, I still love floral dresses and am dreaming of pretty pastel spring clothes but in reality, I just don’t have anywhere to wear them. It doesn’t make much sense to me to wear nice clothes every day that are more likely than not going to be spit up on or have some sort of food wiped on them.
On another note, I LOVE these sneakers… so much so that I’m seriously considering getting another pair. I should also mention that in spite of all these “workout clothes,” I still haven’t actually worked out since getting the go ahead to do so about two weeks ago (I did do crunches one night but that didn’t last long!). And I’m really loving all things olive green right now. Green is my favorite color so it’s not unusual for me to be crushing on a particular shade but olive is a great transitional color for spring! You can wear it now with your darker colors for winter but it also looks really great with pastels for spring! Think olive and blush or sky blue to really make an impact!
leggings: Nordstrom, sweater: Nordstrom, coat: Asos, sneakers: Nike, necklace: Made By Mary c/o

If there are any other mamas out there managing a toddler and a baby and have figured out the work/life balance or have any tips for time management, please share! I know this stage of life where my babies are still babies will pass all too quickly so I’m by no means wishing it away, but I definitely need to get better at carving out some time for myself whether it’s to get dressed in the morning, work on the blog, or get in a work out!


Sorel Boots & Snow

I got these Sorel snow boots for Christmas and I think it’s safe to say I’m in love. I’d been meaning to invest in a pair of snow boots for years (yes, years) as up until now I’d been using my Hunter boots as snow boots and while they’re amazing in their own right (and totally worth the investment), they’re not insulated and don’t keep your feet warm in the snow (like at all). These boots are insulated really well so your feet stay warm, comfortable to walk in, structured, and cute so you don’t have to sacrifice style for practicality! I love the faux fur detail at the top!
Also, these leggings are the best I’ve ever tried. I have them in two colors now and want to buy a third but can’t decide whether to get the regular length or this length. In case you hadn’t already noticed, I’ve been really into athleisure lately (it fits, its cute, and its forgiving!) and so these leggings have quite literally been my “going out” pants. I hope I don’t jinx myself but they also don’t pill like my other workout pants of a similar material have- I have a pair of Under Armour leggings that I’ve had for about two years and they’ve pilled enough that my Mom told me I need new ones!
leggings: Nordstrom, tee: Free People, cardigan: Nordstrom, coat: Coach (old, similar), boots: Sorel (also love this color), scarf: Free People, sunglasses: Illesteva, lips: Nars lip pencil in Red Square

Happy Tuesday, guys! I hope you all had a great weekend and a productive Monday 🙂 We celebrated Amelia’s second birthday with a small party on Saturday and were out and about most of the day on Sunday visiting with family and then a Superbowl party.


Joseph James: A Birth Story

On the morning of December 17th, 2016, we woke up much later than normal. My mom had kept Amelia overnight because we went out to dinner the night before so we didn’t wake up until well after 7am. When I went to get out of bed around 8 am, I noticed something strange and ran to the bathroom. My water broke, again! I was 38 weeks to the day- exactly when my water broke with Amelia (read Amelia’s birth story here)! I called to Joe that my water broke and that we should probably head to the hospital and then called the doctor. I was more anxious than I thought I would be, and was also really sad about not being able to see Amelia before we left, but I tried to calm down and pack some last minute things so we could head out the door as we had at least a half hour drive to the hospital. We face timed Amelia in the car (I’m pretty sure I cried through the whole call and for a bit afterwards) and we were there before I knew it.
Once we arrived at the hospital, got admitted and hooked up to the monitors, I had to get an IV almost immediately. Because I had tested positive for Strep B, I had to get started on antibiotics and was to get a dose every four hours until I had the baby so as to avoid it passing to him during the birthing process (turns out I was able to get 3 doses before he arrived- they like to get at least 2 in). I was still feeling pretty anxious and the IV honestly bothered me more than the actual epidural (I don’t like IVs anyway but this one was in my arm rather than my hand and it bothered me every time I moved- they actually took it out as soon as I moved out of Labor & Delivery and over to the maternity suites instead of leaving it in for the usual 24 hours because it was so inconvenient and, at this point, bruised), but once that was in I felt a little better. I was having really mild contractions but they were really irregular and I could hardly feel them so they started me on Pitocin pretty quickly, too. My doctor kept telling us that we would be having the baby by nighttime and I really didn’t believe him for a while, since I was in labor with Amelia for 22 hours, but they kept upping the Pitocin and I progressed pretty steadily and next thing I knew I was 5 cm dilated! I honestly still wasn’t in too much pain at this time, like only mildly uncomfortable, but I decided to call for the epidural then mostly because I was nervous that I’d miss my window of opportunity and not be able to get it if I progressed too quickly after that (I didn’t, but was glad once it was over and I felt so much more relaxed after so was happy I got it). I didn’t feel any more contractions once I got it and was pretty comfortable for the time being. I don’t think we slept at all because it was midday but luckily things were mostly uneventful. At one point I had to lay on my side for a while because they noticed the baby’s heartbeat was dropping a bit (nothing serious) and I, of course, was my typical nervous and anxious self, but things resolved on their own and we were ready to push soon after that. I knew because I started to feel an enormous amount of pressure, to the point that I thought the epidural stopped working, but I don’t think it lasted long before they got my doctor and told me we could start pushing. I remember asking how long they thought I’d have to push for because I wasn’t sure how long I could last (I know, the drama!) but he was out within 10 minutes! Having a baby is so surreal. Literally the whole time I was pushing, even though I’d done it before, I kept thinking that there was no way I could push out this baby. How amazing our bodies are! What an empowering, incredible, humbling, awe-inspiring, and beautiful experience. I couldn’t believe it was so quick (with Amelia, I pushed for 2 hours!)! They laid him immediately on my chest and I remember looking at Joe in disbelief that he was ours! He was perfect and we spent the next hour or so just cuddling him and talking about how lucky we were to have two beautiful babies (and that the NICU team wasn’t called in this time!).


Joseph James Monroe IV was born at 7:42 pm, 6 pounds 4 ounces, and 19 1/4 inches (also exactly how long Amelia was!)! Welcome to the world, sweet baby! We are all over the moon in love with you!