Joseph James: One Month Update

Joseph James, today you are one month old. I already don’t remember our lives without you. You are the sweetest baby and you love to be cuddled (you especially love sleeping on our chests). You LOVE to eat and start fussing about 2 hours and 45 minutes almost to the minute after your last feed and you get really mad if we’re running a few minutes behind schedule (usually because of your sister). You also love when we talk to you and I love how you look right at us now. Your sister loves to give you kisses and you don’t seem to mind, even though she isn’t always the most gentle. You hate diaper changes and being or getting undressed- you don’t like to be cold so bath time isn’t your favorite yet either. You love your pacifier and I have to make sure you keep mittens on you at all times because otherwise you really scratch up your face! As we should have expected after your sister, the pediatrician wasn’t enough for you either and we’ve already had two trips to Urology at CHOP (you’re doing great now, though)! You were 8 pounds 7 ounces, with your clothes on and your diaper- so you’re probably actually closer to a little over 8 now, last week when we took you to the doctor (Amelia wasn’t even close to 8 pounds until she was 2 months old!) and some of your newborn clothes are already starting to be a bit small! You’re sleeping pretty well, giving us at least one 3 or 4 hour stretch at night (when you don’t have gas) and really are mild tempered- we’re hoping you’re the calm to your sister’s wild!
I’ve been feeling guilty because I don’t get to cuddle you as much as I’d like because Amelia has been pretty demanding of my attention lately but you’re a good sport about it and enjoy sitting in the swing while we play.

You are very, very loved baby boy. I thank God every night for this little family of ours and for giving us the perfect addition. You were just what we needed, sweet baby. We all love you so!


“Three things you cannot recover in life: the moment after it’s missed, the word after it’s spoken, and the time after it’s wasted.”

In case you needed a little mid-week inspiration, I saw this quote earlier in the week and sent it to Joe (I don’t know who said it which is why it’s not cited). It’s tough having two babes under two (especially in the winter during flu season) and we’ve been adjusting the best we can but when I read this, it really resonated with me. We waste so much time worrying about silly things or complaining about things we should really be grateful for and I want to really be conscious of that… because life is short and tomorrow is never promised… so I want to make sure I’m really present NOW and that I’m making the best of everything I can.


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