Halloween with Lake Pajamas

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Halloween with Lake Pajamas

How cute are these Halloween pajamas from LAKE? This hand-drawn print features different animals in sweet, whimsical costumes and are made of the softest Pima Cotton. I don’t usually buy holiday pajamas (or really any type of clothing) for my kids with the exception of Christmas, but the print on these is subtle enough that you won’t cringe when they still want to wear them once the season is over! I really love the alligator with the birthday hat and the lollipop.

These are the only pajamas I’ve bought in years because I love them so much (this lounge set is SO good!)! They’re made of 100% Pima Cotton so they’re super soft and comfortable and I wear them year round. They do shrink a bit in the wash, mostly in length, so I’d recommend sizing up if you think you’d like to put them in the dryer. I don’t have the time/space/patience/etc. to air dry them so I throw them right in the dryer and I have noticed that they’re a bit shorter after that first wash. I don’t size up for my kids because they’re both on the light side and they fit them really well. I notice less shrinkage on the kids’ pajamas than on mine, if that makes sense!

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Sincerely, Britt